Looking for Money for School? Try these websites

I was watching the Today show on 9/4/2012 and I saw a segment about getting money for college.  The following are the resources they presented:



-Type in “free college tuition” in your search engines to find articles about tuition programs across the country.

-Check out this book, “Secrets to Winning a Scholarship” by Mark Kantrowitz.   Mr. Kantrowitz is the editor for Fastweb.com.

Start early and good luck. 

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Facebook is going public and perhaps many of your friends and family members are looking to you to give them information about whether they should buy its stock or not.  It would help, of course, if you could check the financial statements.  Well, they are on-line.  Please take a few moments to check their data and let me know what you think.  Would you buy its stock?  Why or why not.

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A new survey shows that a college student’s GPA is related directly to the time spent drinking was the most reliable predictor of a student’s grade point average —and that students in general are studying less.

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Is This The America You Want to Live In?

Do you want to live in a society where only a few individuals earn 90-100% of the wealth generated by this country, the richest in the world?  Bob Hebert, New York Times Columnist,  reported some frightening statistics:

□        In 2009, the richest 5 percent claimed 63.5 percent of the nation’s wealth. The overwhelming majority, the bottom 80 percent, collectively held just 12.8 percent.

□        The Economic Policy Institute has reported, the richest 10 percent of Americans received 100 percent of the average income growth in the years 2000 to 2007, the most recent extended period of economic expansion.

Mr. Hubert goes on to layout the effects:

“Overwhelming imbalances in wealth and income inevitably result in enormous imbalances of political power. So the corporations and the very wealthy continue to do well. The employment crisis never gets addressed. The wars never end. And nation-building never gets a foothold here at home.”

In a recent speech by Michael Moore, he quoted another statistic:

□        400 obscenely rich people, most of whom benefited in some way from the multi-trillion dollar taxpayer “bailout” of 2008, now have as much loot, stock and property as the assets of 155 million Americans combined.

By the way if you get a minute, listen to this speech. It pretty much summarizes the sentiment of many people in this country who believe that large corporations and many of our politicians are simply out of control.

I have my own opinions about this but, to me, it is just as important we all have informed opinions and a place for true dialog.  We need to talk about these issues in a civil way so we all can grow and become even more informed.  Our colleges should be a place where we can hear what others have to say.  This blog is intended to encourage this attempt.

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Top 10 Internships

Vault.com evaluated more than 800 companies and rated them according to potential career opportunities, institutional support, involvement, compensation, perks, clout and office culture. Go to Vault.com for detailed information on each program along with the other lists.

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New Jersey Society of CPAs Hosting Student Seminars

CPA Exam Application Preparation:
Dotting Your I’s, Crossing Your T’s

Tuesday, March 1
5:30-6:30pm – Roseland, NJ

The CPA Exam can be very intimidating and so can the paperwork. This free program will take you step by step through the CPA Exam application. [ REGISTER ]

Business Writing Seminar:
Steps to Successful Business Writing for Accounting Students

Wednesday, March 9
5:30-8:30pm – Roseland, NJ

Break through your barriers to effective writing by attending a special program led by Jack Appleman, author of the top-selling 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing and featured presenter to CPA societies and accounting firms. [ REGISTER ]

$10 for NJSCPA members; $20 for nonmembers (may be applied toward membership). Dinner included. Seating limited.

CPA Exam Study Session:
Failure is not an Option

Wednesday, May 18
6:00-9:00pm – Roseland, NJ

This session includes a Becker Professional Education presentation on the finer details of the exam; traps to watch out for; sample questions; and answer strategy. In addition, a panel of recent exam takers will discuss their experiences and challenges as well as time management tips. [ REGISTER ]

FREE for NJSCPA members; $10 for nonmembers (may be applied toward membership). Dinner included. Seating limited.

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Flex-Time: Another Reason to Consider Public Accounting As a Career

When I worked in public accounting, I worked 60-70 hours a week during busy season and would never think about taking flex-time or choosing to work less to raise my children.  In the 80’s and late 90’s, women were afraid that if they took time to raise their children, they would not be promoted.

Well, there is a new day.  In a New York Time article, the accounting industry is heralded for leading the corporate world in using flex-time as a tool to keep employees, especially women who want raise their children and work.  I am so glad to read that women have made partner while working a 35-hour week.  This was unheard of when I was a younger women.  Flex-time makes public accounting a very logical career choice for individuals planning to have their work/family cake and eating it too!!

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New White Paper on Nonprofit Accounting

Grant Thorton has just issued a new white paper on nonprofit accounting.  According to their information on the white paper (from an email message sent to me), it includes:

The statement of financial position: Understanding the story helps readers, especially those new to not-for-profit accounting, grasp the key aspects of the statement of financial position. This paper explores both ASC 958, and FAS 116, Accounting for Contributions Received and Contributions Made (also included in Section 958).

Readers will learn the basics:

  • The statement of financial position: What is it, and why do I care?
  • Interpreting the story
  • Basis for recording
  • ASC 825 election
  • Understanding the reported amounts”

The document is very informative and should give the reader a good overview of the FASB reporting requirements for the statement of financial position (balance sheet for nonprofits).

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More On Studying and How We Learn

I just heard this very, very interesting conversation on one of my favorite shows, Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane. She interviewed University of Virginia psychologist DANIEL WILLINGHAM and Williams College psychologist NATE KORNELL about the science of studying and how kids [including grown-ups] really learn.  The conversation echoed much of what I wrote in my “Studying Myths Busted” post, but much more.    If you get a moment, listen to it.  You will be glad you did and let me know what you think about it.

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Starting Your Own Business?? ARE YOU CRAZY??

I saw this great article in the New York Times (one of my favorite newspapers) about how entrepreneurs are a bit “crazy” and venture capitalist, the people who invest in many start-up companies have to decide if the owner is “too crazy” or “crazy/manic enough” before they decide to invest.  The article claims, in a nutshell, that entrepreneurs are “manic-enough” because they believe it is possible to do something they have never done or have seen anyone else do.  Being an entrepreneur and having met so many in my life, I disagree.  We are normal people who see things that others do not see.  I believe entrepreneurs have visions.  I believe we all have a third eye, but we, entrepreneurs, dare to open it.  Others, just ignore it or just do not know it exists.  Entrepreneurs get the rest of us to open the third eye and cast its gaze upon what the entrepreneur sees.   Once others, using their own “third eye” see it, the vision is clear to everyone, especially to those seeking to make money through investing or lending.  It is exciting to be around entrepreneurs and hearing them talk about their visions is a big reason I love accounting.  We help these people communicate their vision in terms of “accounting-ese.”  It is exciting to help them describe their vision and to connect them to people who can make their vision a reality.  Accounting is awesome!

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