Starting Your Own Business?? ARE YOU CRAZY??

I saw this great article in the New York Times (one of my favorite newspapers) about how entrepreneurs are a bit “crazy” and venture capitalist, the people who invest in many start-up companies have to decide if the owner is “too crazy” or “crazy/manic enough” before they decide to invest.  The article claims, in a nutshell, that entrepreneurs are “manic-enough” because they believe it is possible to do something they have never done or have seen anyone else do.  Being an entrepreneur and having met so many in my life, I disagree.  We are normal people who see things that others do not see.  I believe entrepreneurs have visions.  I believe we all have a third eye, but we, entrepreneurs, dare to open it.  Others, just ignore it or just do not know it exists.  Entrepreneurs get the rest of us to open the third eye and cast its gaze upon what the entrepreneur sees.   Once others, using their own “third eye” see it, the vision is clear to everyone, especially to those seeking to make money through investing or lending.  It is exciting to be around entrepreneurs and hearing them talk about their visions is a big reason I love accounting.  We help these people communicate their vision in terms of “accounting-ese.”  It is exciting to help them describe their vision and to connect them to people who can make their vision a reality.  Accounting is awesome!


About Evelyn McDowell

Accounting Professor at Rider University
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