I am a professor in the Accounting Department at Rider University,  Lawrenceville, NJ.  I started this blog because I needed a better way to communicate with my students.  I have three beautiful children and the best husband in the world.  I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and I follow all Cleveland teams.

More about me:

I have been “accounting”  for things all of my life.  As a child, one of my favorite games was a game I made up where I made play money and hid it around the house for my 7 brothers and sisters to find.  The person who found the most money won.    I did not want dolls, I wanted cash registers for Christmas.  My favorite game was (and still is) Monopoly.  And, guess what I collect…money.  Yes! I am a numismatist.   Also, my  father brought home blank forms from his job that I loved filling out with made up information.  It is no wonder that doing taxes would be the accounting function I enjoyed the most, but I don’t use made up information :).   When I was a  child, I wanted to be a cashier.  In high school,  I found out what an accountant did and I fell in love, and never looked back!

Since becoming an accountant, I have used my skills to help poor people learn financial literacy and nonprofit organizations maximize their donations.  I have helped business owners establish businesses and get bank loans to keep their businesses afloat and to hire others. I ran my practice for over 15 years and employed many people.  I am an accountant and accounting is what I do.  I became a teacher so that I can help others enter into this profession, hoping they will feel as passionate as I do about the accounting profession.


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